Flipt helped the Boyenga Team make $60,000 extra in commissions

The original Silicon Valley Real Estate Team since 1996, top-producers Janelle & Eric Boyenga have earned their reputation by always putting the client’s interests first. Nationally Ranked REALTORS in the Top 100. Over $900M in Sales.

Branded by Zillow as #NextGenAgents, and known throughout the industry as “Property Nerds”.

The Boyenga Team prides itself on being ‘early adopters of technology,’ and utilizing digital marketing and automation to press into a community that values immediacy.

The Challenge

“The fast-paced housing market requires successful agents to adapt quickly, adopt new technology early, and embrace innovative team structures.

We use Trulia and Zillow in parallel but those only provide a
combination of buyer and seller prospects. We didn’t use anything that was specific to win sellers. With so much technology out there, it can be overwhelming to choose what fits.”

The Solution

“I chose Flipt because I consider it the holy grail in providing
seller prospects. What feeds our business is listings. Flipt is focused on extracting sellers specifically.” – says Eric Boyenga, founder.

Commissions, $

Homeowner #1

Homeowner #1 found the Boyenga Team while searching for a home valuation via Flipt.

The Boyenga Team reached out and the contact pulled back: ‘I’m not ready to sell yet.’ A relatable objection, so common when homeowners are exploring their options. The Boyenga Team’s speedy responses proved to be the key to the sale. One week after clicking the Boyenga’s Flipt ad, the homeowner decided to list and reached back out to the Boyenga’s to put the property on the market.

The good thing about Flipt is you can get to these people early, and if you’re good, you have the capacity to get in front of them and nurture them without overwhelming them. We feed them a little information quarterly, uncover those hidden objectives and always prepare for the owner’s game plan.”

Homeowner #2

Homeowner #2 was calculating every detail and considering reviews before choosing an agent to list through.

This contact needed to feel confident and secure in their agent and their decision to sell.
The key to the sale ended up being the fact that the Boyenga Team again, emailed a response almost immediately for an interview request. The Homeowner closed within 1 month.

“As important as it is to get to them quickly, it’s the follow up that matters” Eric emphasized, “I think it takes at least 3 or more touches in most cases.” Employing technology to enable those superhuman response speeds will allow the agent to supersede their competitors.

“Big data and artificial intelligence is really helping us as agents become more productive and allows us to nurture and handle more contacts. What it boils down to is who gets to the consumer first wins the sale.” – says Eric Boyenga.

Results, ROI and Future Plans

Through Flipt, the Boyenga Team won 2 listings ($60,000 in commissions).

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