Jacob Weaver’s playbook for becoming a $1M agent

Jacob Weaver

Dale Walters Real Estate

Independent real estate broker associate in Seattle. With the understanding that every client has a unique set of goals, Jacob Weaver uses a variety of tools and strategies to find the perfect solution for clients’ situation.

In Real Estate since 2015. 25-30 transactions a year. Size: $100K – $2M


The Challenge

“My ultimate goal was to never go back to my day job” – says Jacob Weaver.

“I used postcards to start my real estate business, but the response rate was really low. It started with a 3% response rate and went down from there. 50 other companies were doing the same thing.

The Solution

When we started using Flipt we wanted to get more prospects for the investment side of our business. Flipt is a great tool to connect with future home sellers of all kinds. I tend to use it specifically in neighborhoods with a lot of broken down inventory that I know I can convert into an investment project or in the neighborhoods with a higher price point. That works pretty well. I stopped using postcards 11 months ago.

With Flipt I sometimes have more inquiries that I can handle, but I’d rather have this issue than not having enough inquiries. Whenever the business is slow I end up going back to the Flipt database and just start making calls. Something always pops.

3 Commission checks from 1 Flipt inquiry

Check #1, $

Check #2, $

Check #3, $

The Kenyon St. Listing Story

The owner was moving to California with her daughter and needed to sell her house. The house was in a pretty bad shape. The selling price was really low, so Jacob decided to take it on as an investment project.

Jacob’s team connected the owner with a Sacramento broker within their investment network (and made $2,000 on that referral!), who took care of her and helped her find a place in California.

while they were closing on the transaction in Seattle (2nd check!)

Jacob bought KENYON ST property for $170,000 and sold it for $555,000 after a 6-month rehab (3rd check).

Results, ROI and Future Plans

“We get about 10 very strong prospects a month. Definitely better than competitors. They are consistent, never get worse. But listings take time. It takes 10 to 13 touches to make a connection, to get a real conversation.

We started getting our first results after 2 years of using Flipt. Flipt is definitely for the long term. My goal for the next 365 days is to break a $1M in commissions with Flipt’s help.”

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