The Keyes Company Profited $2,851,200

Since 2016 Using Flipt

The Keyes Company is the largest independently-owned real estate firm in Florida and a Top 25-ranked firm in the entire United States. Operated since 1926, Keyes’ 35+ offices now have 2,500+ talented and dedicated Associates.

Keyes generates more than $6 billion in annual revenue from their real estate service lines.

The Challenge

“We want to stay ahead of competitors when it comes to home sellers” – says Mike Pappas, President of Keyes. “We want to provide our agents with a high quality, affordable predictive marketing service that helps to build a seller pipeline.”

Keyes tried other services and multiple platforms before Flipt, but were not satisfied with the results. Those services were expensive and didn’t bring significant results. When they started using Flipt, Keyes were very specific: “Our goal is to find a solution that helps us increase the number of transactions and decrease our marketing costs.”

The Solution

Keyes asked for an official demo, participated in a few webinars, and tested Flipt on a couple of accounts. Within a week after Flipt program roll-out, 100 associates had created a paid account at Flipt.

Keyes also assigned a dedicated person to Keyes sponsored account, making 3-7 follow-ups with the inquiries coming from Flipt, and qualify them into referrals. These qualified referrals were then distributed among the agents in the office for a commission split.

The most important thing for these homeowners is the responsiveness of the agents. Having a dedicated associate call, text, and email a home valuation report takes a lot of routine work off the agents’ desk. Agents love referrals, but they don’t have time to call leads.

The prospects we get today will be our listings in a few weeks or a few months in the future, even a year or two from now. This approach, together with Flipt technology, gives our agents a unique opportunity to win the client in a very competitive market where there are 200 real estate sales associates for every homeowner.

Also worth mentioning is the great advantage this referral program gives us when recruiting new real estate agents.

Investment Length, months

Advertising Investment, $


ROI After 3.5 Years

Commissions Earned (2.7% from 240 listings attributed to Flipt)

I listed a $2.9M home. It took about 4 months to land my first listing using the Flipt Advertising platform, but that deal will generate around a 1775% ROI! I am very happy with the results.
– Jimmy Branham | Realtor, Luxury Sales Associate – Keyes Company

Results, ROI and Future Plans

“After the first month, we had listed one home and the program had paid for itself. After 12 months, as we continued to follow up and nurture these homeowner inquiries, we were seriously impressed with the program ROI. We have generated over 12,000 home seller inquiries, and 30% of the inquiries ended up in a listing.

We plan to double the number of agents using Flipt (to 200+ people), roll out Flipt to more offices, including the new brokerages we’ve just acquired.”

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