How To Show Your Listings Videos To In-The-Market Buyers

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You know people like their videos,

That’s why you’ve invested so many resources into putting together listing videos for your clients.

But just having a listing video isn’t enough…you need to get it in front of people looking to buy, and do it without spending an arm and a leg.

And that’s EXACTLY what we’re going to teach you to do in this article:

We’ll show you how to get your listings in front of highly qualified people who are “in-the-market” for homes…and have great success for just $5/day.

Going Where The Fish Are

If you’ve ever been fishing…you probably remember times where you asked yourself “is there anything down there?”

Anything Down There

I remember that feeling…frequently, when I was fishing with my dad.

I’d sit there just wondering if anything was alive under the shimmering lake surface.

He could sense I was getting restless and mumbled something along the lines of “Just be patient, they’re down there.”

He truly believed it, too…sometimes he was right, usually he was wrong.

I thought that was just how fishing went…until I went with my dad’s friend Joe. 

Before & After Joe

Joe expertly navigated his high-tech watercraft around the lake with a discerning look on his face….just trying to find the perfect spot.

Suddenly, he shut down the engines and said “Alright boys…drop ‘em in.”

I prepared my rod and readied myself another day of sitting on the side of the boat, counting the mosquitoes that ate my pale white legs.

But 30 seconds after dropping my bait in the water…A BITE, then threw my lure back in the water and 30 seconds later…ANOTHER BITE!

I looked at Joe with a puzzled look…I was a kid who’d never caught two fish in an entire day, much less five minutes.

He smiled a monster grin and said “Life’s better when you know where the fish are!”

Life's Better When You Know Where The Fish Are

The same premise holds true in your work life; things are better when you know the time and money you’re spending is an area where opportunity exists.

You’re willing to put in the time and effort…

but are you leveraging the tools that can help you “know where the fish are?”

Why YouTube?

If you haven’t been under a rock for the last 3-5 years, you’re probably aware that listing videos are a big deal to winning clients over.

A 2013 Google/NAR study showed that 85% of home buyers and sellers prefer to work with agents who use video marketing themselves.

The study continues by saying that “with a 51 percent audience share, YouTube is now the top video research destination for house hunters (yes, even more popular than listing websites).”

So if you’re not uploading your listing videos to YouTube, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity (but that’s not to say your brokerage website isn’t worthwhile).

Your New Listing

You could just upload your listing videos to YouTube and call it a day…but that would leave fate in the hands of the little fishies.

We both know you like to have control over how quickly you move listings…which means you want to put your listing videos where the fish are.

But how do you do that?

That’s where we tap into Google’s Audiences…what we refer to as “Fish Finders.”

YouTube Audiences: Your Personal “Fish Finder”

If you don’t know yet, Flipt is all about teaching real estate professionals how to use social data to make more sales…we even wrote an awesome, free ebook about it.

We define social data as INFORMATION about PEOPLE that allows us to make CONCLUSIONS about them.

And if there’s any network that has a ton of information about people…it’s Google.

Google gets billions of searches every day, has more than 500 million people that use its email service, and is owner of the largest video platform, YouTube.

Since Google has access to all of this INFORMATION about PEOPLE, it has the ability to make CONCLUSIONS about them…and it does exactly that.

See, Google uses information about the things you search for, the websites you browse, and the videos you watch to make conclusions about you (not actually you, but the browser you conduct these activities from).

Google's Process of Forming Conclusions

So, if you search for football scores, visit ESPN, and watch game highlights on YouTube, Google will probably classify you in its Sports Fan affinity audience. 

For simplicity, we’ll just refer to these as “buckets” in the future.

Now there’s buckets for all kinds of things like frequent travelers, movie lovers, and luxury shoppers just to name a few…but Google doesn’t stop there.

Since it knows what you usually look at, it can tell when you DEVIATE from your normal habits…when you do something that REFUTES its conclusion about you.

This usually happens when you spend a bunch of time researching something new in your life…things like baby products, financial services, or big purchases (like buying a house).

These types of buckets are known as “In-Market Audiences.”

Want to know the best part about this data?

It’s all available to you (actually, to all Google advertisers)…these “buckets” are your personal fish finders.

So if you’re trying to move a 3 bed, 1.5 bath starter home, you have access to the tools that can help you put it in front of a family with a new baby who are actively looking for a new house?

Or if you’re trying to move that 8 bed, 6 bath mansion, wouldn’t you be excited about putting the listing in front of people who like expensive stuff?

Well, YouTube Audiences make that possible…and I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to take to find your own “honey hole.”

Tools You’ll Need

Secrets To Success

We’ve run a lot of video ads on YouTube in our day, and here’s what we’ve learned.

YouTube advertising (I’m talking about those ads that pop up with the “skip” button at 5 seconds) are amazing for businesses for 3 main reasons:

  • Ability to restrict who sees them by geography, gender, age, parental status, and “buckets”
  • You only pay when someone watches 30 seconds of your ad (Unlike 10 seconds on Facebook)
  • They’re extremely affordable (Usually about $.07 a view…so for $5, that’s around 72 views/day)

And the best part is, if you’ve got your listing videos hosted on YouTube…setting things up is a cinch.

Video Guide To Help You Get Started

Here’s our video tutorial to help you get started down the right path.


Our method of using YouTube’s Audiences to put your listing videos in front of the fish most likely to bite is a slick way of using social data to grow your business.

But we’ll be honest with you…while this is a great way to identify new prospects, the work falls on your shoulders to build a relationship and win the listing.

Just like any real estate marketing tactic, the key to closing deals is YOU!

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