How To Use Instagram Stories To Sell More Homes

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You’ve probably heard about Instagram Stories,

…the newest Snapchat competitor and just one more tool to add to your social media arsenal.

What I’m guessing you haven’t seen is a useful way for you as a real estate professional to USE this new option to sell more homes. 

Well, that’s what we’re here to fix.

Where Instagram Stories Fit

As is the case with any new marketing medium, it’s important to figure out IF and WHEN it will fit into your marketing strategy

…there are so many options out there, but which are worth your time?

YES…and for three simple reasons:


Reason #1: It’s Video-Ish…So Users Love It

Instagram stories are the perfect fit between your staged pictures and your highly produced listing videos. 

Stories are video-esque (which mean people love them) but they don’t require any expensive production…best of both worlds. 

Reason #2: Built In Scarcity

The hardest part about sales is getting someone to take action…and the best way to cause action is by restricting the availability of the offer.

Instagram Stories have a built in “shot clock” of 24 hours…which means people need to stay tuned in to get their sneak peeks AND take immediate action if they’re interested.

Reason #3: Because You Want To Target A “Buying Market”

The biggest problem with Snapchat is that 45% of it’s users are 18-24 year olds…and you know how many of them are buying houses. 

60% of Instagram users, on the other hand, fall into the 25-54 age group…the one that does all the buying. 

Oh yeah, and did I mention that you can leverage your existing Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr audiences to get your Instagram stories in front of them?

So now that you know the reasons WHY Instagram Stories are worth your time, let’s talk about HOW to use them.

How To Use Instagram Stories In Real Estate

Let’s say you’ve got a great listing ready to go on the market in the next 5 days…

Your New Listing

You could get all of your staged pictures done, start producing your listing videos, and get all of your marketing out for an open house…

or you could create a quick Instagram Story as a “virtual tour teaser” and see if there’s anyone interested in a “pre-sell opportunity.”

Come on, who doesn’t like VIP access and sneak peeks? 

So you put together a great story that’s looking nice, Dan Brown (author of the DaVinci Code) would be jealous of all the hints you’ve dropped…

But now what?

Well, Instagram stories allow you to take a single slide of your story and post it to your other profiles (like Facebook, Twitter) and “point” people to your Instagram.

Share An Instagram Story Teaser

You can utilize the hard work you’ve put in to build your Facebook & Twitter audiences to grow your Instagram following quickly.

Sounds pretty good, right…but how does that help you sell houses? 

That’s where Instagram Direct (ID) comes into play.

ID allows people to send you messages directly through Instagram…so they can request showings, ask questions, or exchange contact info straight from your story.

We suggest making the last slide of your story a “Call To Action” telling them to contact you if they want to take the next step.

Secrets To Your Success (Read: The Mistakes We Made So You Don’t Too)

Secret #1 – Save Your Pictures

The 24 hour shot clock is great to create scarcity…but if you forget to save the pictures of your listing to your phone, you’ll need to head back to get more.

Save Your Instagram Story Pictures

Secret #2 – Post A Hero Picture To Facebook

Your whole story doesn’t have to be typical Instagram fabulous…but take one “fixed up” picture that shows your listing in the best light…then share it on FB.

Post A Hero Picture

Secret #3 – Include A Link To Your Instagram Profile…In The App

This part is tricky…stories only show up in the Instagram app, so you want a link that directs people into your profile in the app (as opposed to on the web). 

That link looks like this:


Your username is listed at the top of your app if you click on the person icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Include A Post With Your Instagram Profile Link

Secret #4 – Allow Notifications From Instagram

Nothing is worse than waiting for a message to come only to find out they came and you weren’t being notified. 

The instructions to allow notifications can be found here.

Allow Notifications From Instagram

Steps To Help You Get Started

  1. Create an Instagram Business Account (LINK)
  2. Connect your existing Facebook and Twitter profiles 
  3. Follow people you know to get follows back (LINK)
  4. Create your first story (GET OUR ULTIMATE CHECKLIST)
  5. Start using our strategy to promote your listing (See Above)


Our method of using Instagram’s Stories to get people interested in your listings is a great way to build frequent engagement and increased anticipation from buyers.

But we’ll be honest with you…while this is a great way to get people interested, the work falls on your shoulders to build relationships and win the listing.

Just like any real estate marketing tactic, the key to closing deals is YOU!

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