The Anatomy Of Killer Real Estate Testimonials

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If you’ve ever visited an amateur real estate website, you’ve seen testimonials like this:

Well, good for Joe…but does he honestly think THAT testimonial is going to get people to choose him over other real estate pros?

Or even worse…the dreaded FSBO phenomenon that’s sweeping our country? (Apparently everyone heard real estate sales was easy, huh?)

Well, we understand how much time, effort, and experience you bring to the table…but if your advocates are just saying you’re a swell gal (or guy), they aren’t telling them why you’re worth the fee!

You need past customers to share why hiring you was THE BEST decision they ever made…and in this blog post, we’ll teach you the five essential pieces to constructing killer real estate testimonials.

Why Are Testimonials Important?

Before we jump into the components that make up a killer testimonial, let’s discuss what testimonials are meant for.

Sure, you want to win more listings, but testimonials don’t get you the listing, they get you to the listing presentation.

You need to show potential clients why interviewing you is a better use of their time than going the FSBO route.

You need your past clients to share what PAIN you helped them avoid and what GAIN you helped them achieve…why working with you was a better ROI than going at it alone.

And in order to do that, you need five (5) core components to each of your testimonials.

Component #1: The Hidden Pain

The Hidden Pain

Every single homeowner knows two things when they are considering selling their home:

1. That there’s a lot of steps to the process

2. That they have to pay a commission to real estate pros

The first step in building killer real estate testimonials requires you to showcase the pain that your previous clients didn’t know they’d have to deal with.

And the best way to do that is to think of all the things you do for your clients…what things will they have to learn in order to pull off the successful sale?

“Joe was so helpful in negotiating the sale price of our house…we had no idea how much work went into figuring out a fair value.”

If you’re having trouble, here’s 184 ideas for you.

When putting together your list of testimonials, you want to hit on as many of the most common issues you face and have them all in one place so you can show your potential clients just HOW MUCH work is involved.

The key is to point out the areas that require experience, elbow grease, and/or connections to make things happen.

Component #2: Head Off Bad Behaviors 

Head Off Bad Behaviors

Once you’ve zeroed in the hidden pains that you’re good at eliminating, the next thing you want to do is show where FSBO clients go wrong (e.g. bad behavior).

For instance, we all know home owners believe that Zillow’s estimates are the gold standard…but you know better.

“We were planning to use Zillow’s estimate as the basis for our negotations…are we glad we didn’t do that!”

This component does two things for you:

1. It shows that you understand what a FSBO would do

2. It gives you the opportunity to show them what YOU do

Which leads us to…

Component #3: The Value You Add 

Value You Add

Now that you’ve shown them why the action they’re planning to take is bad…they’re open to learning what you do that’s valuable…and why it’s worth the fee.

This is where you need to dig deep and think about every ounce of effort you and your team put into making this part of the process go smoothly.

“Joe was a HUGE help because he put together a brief of the selling price of all similar, recently sold homes in the area so we could prove our asking price was fair…that would have taken us DAYS to do.”

There’s a few important things to note on this component:

1. Make sure they mention that they appreciated your help with SPECIFIC tasks…not the general process.

2. Make sure they discuss the exact asset you delivered (e.g. marketing campaigns, open house attendees, reports, etc)

3. Ask them to put a time or dollar amount it would have taken them to do the same amount of work.

This component is CRITICAL to appealing to the emotional side of people…to getting them to warm up to the idea of hiring you.

Component #4: Quantifying Your Value

Quantify Your Value

So now that you’ve shown them the hidden pain, headed off the bad behavior they were considering, and demonstrated the value you provide, it’s time to appeal to the rational side.

…and that means talking numbers.

We all know that determining ROI is rarely an exact science…

And that’s why it’s often best to go with attainment of goals…like sale price, timeline, or peace of mind.

“Joe prevented us from entering negotiations with poor expectations and a lack of data to support our asking price. His work helped us get the selling price we wanted and do it in the timeframe we needed.”

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! The recipe for this piece is critical:

1. Make sure they mention that YOU kept them from the bad fate they were headed towards if they went FSBO. (The Pain)

2. Make sure they mention how YOUR WORK helped them achieve the result they were looking for.

And now it’s time to summarize.

Component #5: Tip The Scales

Tip The Scales

You (err, your past client) have laid out all of the information a future client might need to justify setting up the time to interview you.

Now it’s time to summarize and drive the point home.

Close with a quick statement that points out where they’d be without you.

“If it weren’t for Joe, we’d probably either still be waiting to sell or we’d have sold for less than we wanted…I highly suggest hiring him so you can avoid the same fate.”

The key here is to show them that your past clients are in “heaven” thanks to you…and that’s where future clients want to be too.

You’re Ready To Dominate

So now you have the secret recipe to creating killer real estate testimonials. Learn how to create Facebook ads that convert.

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